Central Christian Church Pocatello Idaho


We are Congregationally Governed by our members. In our denominational structure, each congregation is autonomous in that they decide how they function in their operations.


Pastors are granted standing by the Region they serve as a way of making them accountable to the larger church and facilitating uniform standards of conduct.


The congregation assigns the regular day-to-day operations to the oversight of the Church Board. Annually the congregation elects members and officers of the board and approves the operational budget.


The Elders serve as the Spiritual Leaders of the congregation. They preside during worship at the communion table, and each elder has a Shepherding Group of approximately 15 families with whom they stay in contact.


The Trustees are assigned to make the day-to-day business decisions. They satisfy the requirements of the state and manage the additional properties we have.


At the General Church Level (denominational), there is governance by a General Assembly, comprised of congregational representatives, an Administrative Committee, a General Board, and Departments that are all focused on serving the collective body of congregations.


At the Regional Level, there are thirty-one different regions that group local congregations together in common ministry, witness, and service. We are in the Central Rocky Mountain Region. We work in cooperation with forty-seven other congregations in parts of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico to witness and serve the cause of Christ. The Regional structure is accountable to the local congregations in our system of governance.